King Condos

Our “King Condos” are just MASSIVE! These are twice as big as their cousins from our “High Rise Condo” line. They have a total dimesion of 4′ x 12′, offering 12′ of outside roost area, 12′ inside roost area and 8′ of nesting area. Also has easy egg collection access from the outside, open and close vent windows for the hot summer days, inside and outside perches, human reach in door with built in chicken ramp, and the safe and sound lock down system to protect from predators.

Additional Options Available on King Condos:

  • Your choice of one of our 17 roof colors (no extra charge)
  • Paint +$45.00
  • 2-Wheels +$60.00
  • 4-Wheels +$100.00
  • Single Electrical Package +$75.00 (1 outside light, 1 inside light, and 1 electrical outlet. Light inside helps provide heat in cold temps)

The King Condo

Dimensions: 4′ x 12′

10-12 chicken capacity

Price: $1100.00/each

*Please note: Prices are subject to change
*SHIPPING POLICY: Free pickup, free delivery within 30 miles of our shop, or for delivery to your location price is .50/mile based on round trip total miles.

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