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We proudly build the cutest chicken coops in SW Missouri! Why settle for an ordinary coop when you could own a condo?



Our coops are super strong! See that 925lb bale of hay on top of our coop? No shortcuts here! We like to put our coops to the test before leaving. This way you can rest assured when it arrives at your door, that you have not only a coop, but a coop that will last for years to come. After all, raising chickens should be fun and easy. So easy, even the kids will love doing it . . .

Get involved and make it a family experience!


Chicken Coop Condo Hanging

Our coops are built to withstand the test of time. From our construction with premium Idaho pine with two shots of Thompsons Water Seal, and the lifetime guaranteed torx head screws, we build these to last! 




We build our cute chicken coops in all shapes, sizes and colors so no matter what, be sure to call or email us before you buy anywhere else. Chances are we can save you a bunch of money and give you the cutest coop you’ve ever seen to boot! (Click on our color chart to the right to enlarge roof color options.)




We now also have the cutest Australian Shepherd puppies available for sale. Please call or send us an email for more info and pricing.



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